Saturday, October 13, 2007


Its been a couple of months since I have had 2 seconds to do any kind of update. It is football season here in Viking Village and that means that the Knopf household is on the go 7 days a week!

Things are good here, just extremely busy. Football season started August 1st for the little guys. Jake plays on the Junior team, Dave coaches his team. Caroline is cheering and Ryan is helping to coach on the Senior team again this year. High school ball started the middle of August.. Alex is playing Varsity and JV and Aric is on the Freshman team.
What all this boils down to for me is lots of driving!! The JV games are Monday nights, Jake practices Tuesday - Thursday, Aric and Alex practice at the High school every night, Freshman games are Thursday night, Varsity games are Friday night, and youth games are on Saturday or Sunday!! It's crazy, but we have so much fun with it. I love nothing better than to be in the stands cheering for my favorite team!!

School wise everyone has settled into a nice routine. Ryan is off to college.. he is going to school locally this year, so he is home in the evenings (sometimes) Alex is a Junior and Aric is a Freshman. David and Jake are in Middle school and Ben and Caroline are in Elementary Ben in 2nd and Caroline in 1st.

I have been enjoying my days while the kids are in school, but it always seems that there is something to do. I miss having Caroline around during the day and sometimes find it strange that the house is so quiet by 8:15 every day. Part of me is loving it, but a bigger part of me misses it too.

That's about it for right now. Here are a couple of pictures of Caroline Cheering at a recent game, and some from recent games.

Thanks for checking in with us!

This is Caroline coming off the field at halftime like an airplane!!

Jake #56 maroon playing center

Dave coaching his guys

and Ben coaching his guys!