Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mean People....

Well... that about sums up the last 2 days!! how is it, that you can be going along, just minding your own business and Wham! Someone hits you right between the eyes with their ugliness??

Sunday night I log on to my computer to check my e-mail... I find a message saying I have a comment to my Prader-Willi Beauty Video... the comment reads like this:
Re%!#ds are awesome!" Ok... how could someone be so cold hearted that they could watch this video and make that kind of comment???

Ok.. after steaming about it for a few minutes, sending the anonymous poster (they left a blogger ID) a nasty response, and deleting the comment... I regained my composure and I do realize that there are stupid ignorant people in this world with hearts of stone.

So fast forward to yesterday... David had an orthodontist appointment... He is in the process of getting braces put on... yesterday he got the rest of the upper brackets put on... so far so good. Ok... so we sat for an hour in the waiting room waiting for him... I had Jake, Ben and Caroline with me... they were all so good! The appointment is FINALLY over and we are leaving... David has Medicaid that will cover the cost of the braces, but we have to go to U-CONN Dental School to use the Medicaid... The Dental School is at U-CONN John Dempsey Hospital.... it is a HUGE teaching Hospital. We are in the lobby and the boys are in front of me and Caroline coming off the escalator... we head through the lobby to the front doors where there is one set of doors to an alcove before you are actually outside. The boys were getting a little bit too far ahead of me, so a told them to wait up for us.. they were already in the alcove so, being boys they stopped right there and were playing with the automatic door sensor... no big deal... there was nobody in the alcove... Just about that time... I get sideswiped by an old lady (and I use that term loosely) who brushes by me and Caroline. She gets to the alcove where the boys are waiting... I am only steps behind her and telling the boys to move over when she grabs Ben by the back of the shoulders and SHOVES!!! him off to the side... as she does she hisses at him "Move... you aren't the only person in the WHOLE WORLD" I Flip out and say
EXCUSE ME????? Did you just put your hands on my son???? She continues to walk, so now my blood is boiling and Ben is looking completely confused.. so I continue in an elevated voice, to say " Did you just touch MY SON???" She turns a this point and tells me to get over it!!! OK... imagine my head spinning off my shoulders at this point. I continue to tell her that she is rude, she tells me Ben was in her way, again I tell her she is RUDE and that a simple EXCUSE ME would have worked that he is just a little boy. She then tells me that there is no excuse for his ill behavior and I should try to be a better parent. At this point we are out on the sidewalk in front of the hospital and have the complete attention of about 10 people including a security guard who approaches me to find out what is going on. I compose myself, put my head back on my shoulders and tell him what happened... at this point I realize my hands are shaking. He was very sympathetic and suggested we give her a minute to clear the parking lot before we head to our car. She leaves the parking lot a few minutes later in a big honkin' Mercedes... The security guard looks at me and says " I guess money doesn't buy good manners!" No kidding.

We're off to the beach today... hopefully with no more rude people encounters!!! Football Starts Friday!! Yikes!!!!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Caroline at Horse Camp..

Caroline spent this week at Horse Camp at a stable near our house. She has absolutely loved it! The group was small (11 girls) and most of the girls she knows from school, the woman who ran the camp was very understanding of Special Needs as she has a son with epliepsy and diabetes.

Starting next week, Caroline will take a 1 hour a week private lesson... she is so excited!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation.. Last Day-Night Photos...

All good things must come to an end....
Enjoy pictures from our last afternoon and evening together.. We got in from the beach around 5 and our friend Adam ( Sarah was working) came over with Kyle and Olivia for dinner, campfire with S'mores and fireworks... it was an awesome way to spend our last night together.

In the morning we cleaned and packed and were out of the house by 9:30am... the week was a blur of activity and memories....

Kelsey with baby Olivia

Jake & David flexing for the camera..

A friendly game of backyard football

Ben and Kyle discussing strategy

This one is for Kelsey! Its kind of blurry, but this is Kels taking Jake down!

Kate with Sparklers

and hangin' by the campfire


Alex and his girlfriend Kourtney

Waiting for Adam's firweorks show to start!!

Jake & Kelsey

somewhere a village is missing its idiot!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wilson... is that you???

Remember the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks where he is stranded on an island and develops a relationship with a Volleyball he names Wilson?

Well.. here is our rendition of it.....

Here we have that great magic trick... guess which cup the rubber ball is under

Don't ask about the Big Sister bucket... we found it on the beach last year and it has become part of our collection... sick brother humor putting it on Jakes head for all to read!

I will get some more on the blog over the weekend... until then we are off to the beach for the day today!!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vacation Pictures Sand Fun...

You guys will have to bear with me the next few days... I will adventually get them all posted...
It wouldn't be a family vacation without a sand sculpture... this years model.... well.... the pictures speak for themselves!!! Enjoy....

Stay tuned tomorrow for "Wilson" from Castaway.....

Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation updated and some pictures..

Hi everyone!

We are back from our week at the beach... we had a wonderful time, and as predicted the week went by much to fast!

It's now Monday morning, Dave is back to work, and I have a huge list of things to do today, so this will be a short update and I will get more pictures together in a few days to share.

There were so many great things about this vacation, the house was awesome, the weather was perfect, the kids are all getting a little older so each year the dynamics change, the kids are more independent, and we all know each other so well now it's great to catch up and visit.

Mike, Renee, Kelsey and Kate (for those new... this is Ben's birthfamily) arrived on Monday night. We hit the beach on Tuesday morning and spent most of the week doing the same.

We had friends visit, Renee had a friend who moved here last year come for a visit, I got to meet Susan from the PWS list (and her mom) who's family has a house right down the street from us. Susan has 3 sweet little girls including Meghan who has PWS.. It was fun to put a face to her and meet her girls.

Oh... and lets not forget... we did an Adults night out... night this year. We even allowed Ryan to come with us seeing he is now 19 and really wanted to come with us. I hired a sitter to stay with the younger kids for the evening and we went to one of our favorite Italian Restaurants for a great dinner and then we headed over to Mohegan Sun for the Billy Joel concert!

So, we are headed into the arena with approximately 9 million other people and someone calls out Ryan's name. He reluctantly turned around, I am sure he was afraid to #1 be seen going into a Billy Joel concert ( he is an odd kid and loves all kinds of music) and #2 be seen going to Billy Joel with his parents! Anyway it turns out that a friend of his from the restaurant he used to work at now works at the casino and wanted to know if he wanted a floor seat for the concert!!! Yeah.. that's right... Ryan gets a floor seat and we sit in the nose bleed section! Gotta love his luck! He was able to sneak up and get Renee's camera that he wasn't supposed to have with him and get some really cool shots though!

I will write more later and share some more pictures including the first ever formal portraits we had done on Wednesday night... we had a photographer hired to come out to the beach and do a photo shoot... so stay tuned for those and pictures of fun in the sand...

for now enjoy these!


Ben and Kate

All of us just hanging at the beach

I love these two of Ben and Kate.. they have such a bond.
Ben with both his birthsisters, Kate and Kelsey

and last but not least... the Billy Joel Concert!