Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Please Say a Prayer....

This is our friend's son Brent. These photo's were taken a couple of years ago when Brent had first joined the army.

Brent was critically injured lastweek in Iraq when a roadside bomb went off right where he was standing. He was the only survivor.
He was initially sent to the base in Germany for surgery and was then flown to Walter Reid on Sunday. From there he was flown to Seattle and then to his base in Alaska where he faces more surgery to remove shrapnel from his face, neck and legs. His wife was able to get to Alaska to be with him this week, so he has her support now, but he is facing many painful procedures to repair his injuries.

So please take a second and say a prayer for Brent and for all our soldiers as they fight to defend our country.

We love you Brent....get better soon buddy.... David Ben and Caroline miss you!!!

Some Birthday Pics from this month....

Caroline opening her Birthday gifts with Ben Helping

David and Papa

Happy 16th Aric!!!!

Caroline and Googs
And I had to share this one of Ryan last week after work... he crashed and the cat was happy to keep him company!
Stay Tuned for Bens Birthday Pics.. his 10th is tomorrow... wow... where are all my babies going???? and Alex is 18 on Sunday!! YIKES!!!
Saturday we have the SPecial Olympics Soccer Qualifier at U-Conn... Pray it doesn't rain and that it isn't 9- degrees either.... we seem to either get one or the other every year!
Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What we did today...

I now have water to my barn!! This may not seem like a huge thing to some of you, but after lugging water buckets 2 times a day for the last 4 months Its a HUGE dealt to me!

Bright and early this morning we got up, put the ponies in the barn for the day (they were less than happy about this arrangement, but we had to pull up the fencing to ge the trench dug) and the digging tarted at 8am. We are also making the paddock twice the size that it was by opening up a huge area behind the barn and around the other side of it.

Theres more backhoe work to be done tomorrow but it is going to make such a huge difference when its done!!

Enjoy the pictures from today... My sisters fiance is the one who owns the equipment and spent the day digging for us..... Thanks Jeremy... See you in the morning

Frosty being entertained with a dandilion in his stall
Bear sayin' I've had enough... let me out!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Children finally succeeded in BREAKING ME!!!

Take a look at my left elbow.... this is what happens when your kids are too lazy to bring their laundry al the way to the laundry room and just toss the laundry down the stairs for the "Laundry Fairy's" to come clean up!
I went down the stairs, slipped on someones gym shorts and slid on my butt all the way to the bottom... unfortunately however, my left arm didn't follow me! I went and had it x-rayed and initially they told me that nothing was broken, but I got a call yesterday from the Drs. office that there is a tiny hairline fracture just below the elbow and I need to go see the orthopedist.


Stay tuned for more soon....
Birthday posts maybe tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blog Break O.V.E.R.!

Hi Everyone!!

Wow I am behind in my posts!!! I have been flat out this month, but promise to catch up over the next couple of days with stories, pics, bithday updates etc...

For today though I am going to share some pics from my trip out west to visit my Best Friend Regina... We have been friends for 13+ years and met at our first PWSA conference... When David and her son C were babies.... the rest is history... We have been through it all together and I really think we were meant to be sisters!!
Now the cool thing is that David and her son C who has PWS are best buddies... David came with me on my trip west to spend the weekend with C & R(who also has PWS... Regina adopted him when he was a baby.)
We had so much fun!!! I will let the pictures do the talking... w ehad so much fun!!!!

Regina with "R"

David and "C" playing a board game

David and Regina out to lunch with 3 kids with PWS!!!

Best Buddies

Stay tuned tomorrow for the April Birthday Updates!!!!

It feels good to be back!!!!

Love you all,