Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blog Break O.V.E.R.!

Hi Everyone!!

Wow I am behind in my posts!!! I have been flat out this month, but promise to catch up over the next couple of days with stories, pics, bithday updates etc...

For today though I am going to share some pics from my trip out west to visit my Best Friend Regina... We have been friends for 13+ years and met at our first PWSA conference... When David and her son C were babies.... the rest is history... We have been through it all together and I really think we were meant to be sisters!!
Now the cool thing is that David and her son C who has PWS are best buddies... David came with me on my trip west to spend the weekend with C & R(who also has PWS... Regina adopted him when he was a baby.)
We had so much fun!!! I will let the pictures do the talking... w ehad so much fun!!!!

Regina with "R"

David and "C" playing a board game

David and Regina out to lunch with 3 kids with PWS!!!

Best Buddies

Stay tuned tomorrow for the April Birthday Updates!!!!

It feels good to be back!!!!

Love you all,



J said...

I love that David and C are such good buddies. I hope A has a good buddy like that some day. Glad you had a great trip. Hope the elbow is better...