Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Please Say a Prayer....

This is our friend's son Brent. These photo's were taken a couple of years ago when Brent had first joined the army.

Brent was critically injured lastweek in Iraq when a roadside bomb went off right where he was standing. He was the only survivor.
He was initially sent to the base in Germany for surgery and was then flown to Walter Reid on Sunday. From there he was flown to Seattle and then to his base in Alaska where he faces more surgery to remove shrapnel from his face, neck and legs. His wife was able to get to Alaska to be with him this week, so he has her support now, but he is facing many painful procedures to repair his injuries.

So please take a second and say a prayer for Brent and for all our soldiers as they fight to defend our country.

We love you Brent....get better soon buddy.... David Ben and Caroline miss you!!!