Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mean People....

Well... that about sums up the last 2 days!! how is it, that you can be going along, just minding your own business and Wham! Someone hits you right between the eyes with their ugliness??

Sunday night I log on to my computer to check my e-mail... I find a message saying I have a comment to my Prader-Willi Beauty Video... the comment reads like this:
Re%!#ds are awesome!" Ok... how could someone be so cold hearted that they could watch this video and make that kind of comment???

Ok.. after steaming about it for a few minutes, sending the anonymous poster (they left a blogger ID) a nasty response, and deleting the comment... I regained my composure and I do realize that there are stupid ignorant people in this world with hearts of stone.

So fast forward to yesterday... David had an orthodontist appointment... He is in the process of getting braces put on... yesterday he got the rest of the upper brackets put on... so far so good. Ok... so we sat for an hour in the waiting room waiting for him... I had Jake, Ben and Caroline with me... they were all so good! The appointment is FINALLY over and we are leaving... David has Medicaid that will cover the cost of the braces, but we have to go to U-CONN Dental School to use the Medicaid... The Dental School is at U-CONN John Dempsey Hospital.... it is a HUGE teaching Hospital. We are in the lobby and the boys are in front of me and Caroline coming off the escalator... we head through the lobby to the front doors where there is one set of doors to an alcove before you are actually outside. The boys were getting a little bit too far ahead of me, so a told them to wait up for us.. they were already in the alcove so, being boys they stopped right there and were playing with the automatic door sensor... no big deal... there was nobody in the alcove... Just about that time... I get sideswiped by an old lady (and I use that term loosely) who brushes by me and Caroline. She gets to the alcove where the boys are waiting... I am only steps behind her and telling the boys to move over when she grabs Ben by the back of the shoulders and SHOVES!!! him off to the side... as she does she hisses at him "Move... you aren't the only person in the WHOLE WORLD" I Flip out and say
EXCUSE ME????? Did you just put your hands on my son???? She continues to walk, so now my blood is boiling and Ben is looking completely confused.. so I continue in an elevated voice, to say " Did you just touch MY SON???" She turns a this point and tells me to get over it!!! OK... imagine my head spinning off my shoulders at this point. I continue to tell her that she is rude, she tells me Ben was in her way, again I tell her she is RUDE and that a simple EXCUSE ME would have worked that he is just a little boy. She then tells me that there is no excuse for his ill behavior and I should try to be a better parent. At this point we are out on the sidewalk in front of the hospital and have the complete attention of about 10 people including a security guard who approaches me to find out what is going on. I compose myself, put my head back on my shoulders and tell him what happened... at this point I realize my hands are shaking. He was very sympathetic and suggested we give her a minute to clear the parking lot before we head to our car. She leaves the parking lot a few minutes later in a big honkin' Mercedes... The security guard looks at me and says " I guess money doesn't buy good manners!" No kidding.

We're off to the beach today... hopefully with no more rude people encounters!!! Football Starts Friday!! Yikes!!!!



April said...

Your children are so beautiful. I loved your video. I could see so much of my brother-in-law in them! It's amazing to me how rude people can be. I think a lot of them just don't know better. They are ignorant. We've heard lots of comments since our adoption where people talk about how having "their own children" is better than adopting. Before I adopted I think I may have even said things like that myself! And I am shamed to admit that I grew up using the "R" word to describe things that I didn't like. I still catch myself using it sometimes & then I cringe. It is a hurtful word that should not be used and I think it's up to all of us to educate those that don't know any better. You are wonderful and I really appreciate you sharing what happened because I know it must have been so hard to do.

Catt Maczko said...

Vicki - Enjoy the beach and FORGET the mean people. They do suck. Imagine living their life. Lonely and sad.

You are the polar opposite of those people. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!

You set the bar high for the rest of us!! :)

God Bless!!!!


Mummy to Lucy said...

Vicki I have seen for the first time in my life how awful some people in this world are since I had Lucy I had a comment from one person saying it would be best for both of us if she choked on her food,all comments like these do is make me appriciate my family and friends even more and feel sorry for people who have not had the loving upbringing like I have and my children have had as if they had been loved and cared for they would not have these thoughts let alone say them.
Please forget this comment and remember that person is just a very sad unhappy unwanted being who doesnt deserve a second of your thoughts.

Sarah said...

I watched that video and just like you and your children it was beautiful. I am so sorry for you that someone would be that ignorant, but like what other people have added, that person truely is pathetic. I am so proud to call you a friend Vicki you are an amazing person and great mother!
With love,

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind but I found your blog through Angie Seamon's blog. I too have a disabled child. alicen was born 4 months early weighing only 1 lb and 13 oz. the back 1/3 of her brain did not develop, she has since been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsey, Epilepsy among many others. I will never forget the comment from one person, Alicen is wheel chair bound and we were trick or treating and a person said within my hearing range that Alicen needs to stay home because she can't walk. Granted Alicen is tube fed, takes nothing by mouth, but I try to include her in everything, she was really enjoying herself, too. She didn't know what that mean person said, but her daddy and I sure did. It took all that I had to not punch her.
I enjoy reading your blog, I hope you don't mind.
Christina (a preemie mom)