Sunday, April 22, 2007

Caroline's Birthday Celebrations!!

Hi Everyone,

We're finally enjoying some mild weather! It has been absolutely glorious the last few days.

Lastnight David complained that the tooth he just had a root canal in hurt. One look at his face told me that he had an abcess. I was able to get ahold of the dentist who called in an antibiotic. He seems better today but his face is still swollen a bit.
Then this morning Ben comes out of his room covered in hives! His face, his neck and his back are red and welted. It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but I think its from the sunscreen I put on him before he went to baseball practice yesterday. So I decided no Special Olympics this afternoon and we spent the afternoon out in the yard enjoying the warm weather.

Caroline has had a wonderful 3 day Birthday celebration! Her actual Birthday was Thursday. We celebrated here with gifts and birthday cake. On Friday we spent the day with her Birthfamily at the zoo. We had a fun day visiting and checking out all the cool animals. It was a lot of fun! The kids enjoyed being outside, we had a picnic lunch and just really enjoyed the day.

Yesterday was her party with her friends from school, we had it at Create A Bear. Each of the kids got to pick out their own bear, they wish on a star that is placed in the bear as it is stuffed, then they got to pick a fun outfit for the bear. The bear also gets a name and a birth certificate! The kids had so much fun! We had a total of 14 kids at the party. It was a perfect afternoon!

Below are some photo's from the last few days. I will upload all the photo's to my photo account listed at the bottom of the page later on tonight so chek them out when you get the chance!



Trish said...

Your daughter is very beautiful!!