Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Website!!

Hi Everyone,

Glad you found us! I have decided to move the site here because it is more user friendly.

I hope you enjoy the photo montage of the kids, I had fun making it!

Tomorrow is Caroline's 6th Birthday! She is really excited! Her party is Saturday so stay tuned over the weekend for new photos.

The kids are on spring break this week and the weather has been terrible. It has rained every day since last weekend. It is supposed to break tomorrow. I really hope so! Everyone needs some outside time!

We had Ben's appointment with the ENT on Monday. He says his throat is healed from the tonsillectomy but because he is still having problems at night, we will be repeating the sleep study in a week or so. If things don't look good after the sleep study he will probably be going on CPAP to help with his breathing when he is sleeping.

That's about it here at Camp Chaos.
More soon!