Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Hi Everyone~
Sorry it's been a while since I have had 2 seconds to post an entry.... life has been very, very busy lately!

We just got back from a weekend jaunt to visit Dave's family in NY State. It's always an adventure when we visit! We started the weekend with a visit to the ER in standard fashion... the Knopf boys can't keep from injuring themselves while we are there! Ben twisted his ankle and it swelled up huge... I was pretty sure it was broken, but luckily it was just sprained. He had it wrapped and was about as dramatic as he could be about it!

It was a fun weekend visiting everyone. We had family portraits done and as soon as I get one to scan, I will post it for all to see... it actually came out really good. We haven't had one done with Dave and I in it in a very long time.

Here are a couple of photo's of the kids with their Great Grandmother... they call her "Bea"
This is Ryan with Bea

This is David and Jake with Bea

This is the Jolly Green Giant AKA Alex with Bea... Alex is 6' 3" tall!

Here are a couple of pictures of the kids hanging out... they love to sit on the trampoline with their cousins and chat...

This is Ryan and his gierlfriend Kellie, She spent the weekend with us... they both graduate from High School in 3 weeks.... sigh....

Stay tuned in he next few weeks... there is a lot going on around here... the Senor Prom is Saturday night, Aric gradutates from 8th grade, Ryan graduates from High School on 6/22 and we go away on vacation on 7/1! There will be lots of updates and photos!

Enjoy the sunshine!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Mariona, from Prader-Willi Syndrom Association from Madrid (Spain).

Recently we discovered this blog. We've linked it from our blog (, and we translated your presentation to Spanish and published it as an article in order to make know our readers about your family. We hope you don't mind.

I imagine time will tell if you are saints or crazy. What I'm sure is your 3 children with PWS will grow in an environment quite different of this of other children with PWS.

Thank you very much for telling yous story to the world. It may help a lot of people.

Best wishes and lots of patience,
Mariona Nadal