Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day...

We woke up this morning to 8 inches of heavy wet snow and NO POWER! Ok... I can deal with the snow day and having the kids home.... but NO POWER???? If that is someone's idea of a joke, its a sick one!

Thank God for the Gameboys... I silently prayed all morning for the batteries to last. It sounded like a video arcade in here but at least everyone was busy. Nothing like being stuck inside with 3 kids with PWS... 3 kids who obsess and worry about every little thing.

David asked me no less than 150,000 times if his basketball coach had e-mailed about today's game... ummmm there is NO POWER!!! How would I know that??

Ben sat near the window and asked me 150,000 times when the plow truck was going to come plow the driveway, and what color the truck was going to be, and who would be driving the truck, and why? ummmm... my ESP is not working this morning.... Did I mention there is NO POWER??

Caroline went to her room at least 150,000 times and turned her light switch on and off and then came and reported to me that her switch wasn't working!!! ummmmm..... THERE IS NO POWER!!! ( anyone seeing a pattern to all this yet??)

Jake woke up at 9:15 and wanted to know why the bathroom lights don't turn on..... sigh... There is NO POWER!!!!

I survived all of this with no coffee because THERE WAS NO POWER!!!! I actually contimplated going out in a snow storm to go to the coffee shop... I didn't go, but I did give it some serious thought!!

Finally at 1:30 the power finaly came back on!! 7 hours with no power and 3 kids with PWS are not a good combination, but we survived and I finally got a cup of coffee!

Now to survive the piles of wet boots, snowpants, gloves etc.