Friday, May 9, 2008

Field Trips and Special Olympics...

I have had the pleasure of chaparoning a couple of field trips this week andSpecial Olympics Regional Track Meet last Saturday... None of my kiddo's competed, but my 14 year-old Aric ran as a unified player in the 4X200 and their team came in 1st!
So... I just wanted to share a few pictures.

Last Friday I went with Caroline's 1st grade class to the Peabody Museum in New Haven..
Here is Caroline with her friends Nikki and Sophie... it was such a blast to have 3 sweet little girls to keep an eye on instead of a group of rowdy boys that I always seem to get!!!

Saturday was the regional Track Meet for Special Olympics. Aric ran as a unified partner in the 4X200 and their team came in 1st!

Here's Aric at the start of his leg of the relay...

A little team celebration at the finish line!

The winning team!!!

To end the week, yesterday I went with David's 7th grade class to Devils Hopyard and 8 Mile River to release the Salmon that they have raised in their classroom. The weather was very wet, but as you will see from the photo's it didn't put a damper on the days activities. They released the salmon and performed water tests, and environmental tests in the river. We stayed for a picnic lunch afterwards. It was a really fun day!

Here's David with his salmon in the cup, they were "floating" the cups to get the water temp the same in the cup as it was in the river.

Here's a great shot of the river... it was just so pretty, I had to share!

David with hip waders on getting a water sample from the middle of the river.

One of the many creatures that the kids found!

A group of the boys exploring.

Hope you enjoy the photo's... stay tunded next week for photo's of the 7th grade trip to Lake Compounce... we'll see how I do on the roller coasters!!! David is a Dare Devil so I am in for it!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Love these pictures Vicki and I especially love Caroline's shirt in the one. Wink wink! ;) Thanks for sharing and thanks for your letter of support yesterday. You are the BEST girlfriend.
Blessings, Angie

Cathryn Maczko said...

Vicki - you guys are awesome - and you're so right about the beauty of that river!!!!

coming to your bog is like taking a little vacation and enjoying your fam w/you - thanks for the vacation!! I needed it!! :)

Happy Mother's Day Super Mom!!!!!

Catt Maczko