Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Special Olympics Summer Games 2008

I hope you all enjoy the photo's from our weekend! David and Ben competed on the soccer team, and Jake participated as a unified player ( for those who don't know, a unified player is a player who does not have special needs that plays on the team or competes side by side with an athelete as a support person)

Aric ran as a unified partner on the track team, running the 4x100 relay and throwing shot put.

The soccer team came home with a 1st place Gold Metal in the 5-aside unified soccer team, Arics team came in second for shot put and 5th in the 4x100 relay.

Anyhow... turn up the sound and enjoy the show!!!



J said...

Great job Vicki...and great job Knopf kids!!! Congratulations - you continue to inspire me. Thank you for that.
(mom to Alden, PWS, 10 months on Tuesday, rolling around and lifting his head and future soccer star!)