Saturday, September 13, 2008

High School Football Week 1

Last night was the first Varsity game. It was away in East Haven which is about a 45 minute drive from home. This year, I have 2 on the team... Aric #67 who plays center, and Alex #63 who plays D-end and is on Special teams both kick off and punt return.
The weather was not cooperating, and thank God I had arranged for a sitter for David, Ben and Caroline earlier in the week. Ben was ticked beyond ticked that he couldn't go to the game, he even refused to get out of the car when we dropped him off at my friends house. Usually he loves Mrs. Walkers but not last night... he wanted to go to the game. We stood our ground with him though and I am glad we did.
All the way to East Haven it poured. The sky was black, and it wasn't getting any better as we headed down I-95... We had Alex's girlfriend Kourtney with us and the 2 of us were planning how we would try to stay dry during the game!
We got to the stadium and the weather wasn't any better... we hung out in the car until just before the game started... Dave was worried that we wouldn't get a spot on the top row of the bleachers where we always like to stand... you get the best view point from up top! But with the weather, there was plenty of room for us and our umbrellas!
The rain came down with no signs of stopping and while our upper bodies stayed dry, my jeans were plastered to my legs and the water from the umbrella in front of me was pouring down on top of my shoes so I actually had puddles inside my shoes!!
It was well worth standing in the rain for 2 1/2 hours though... the Mighty Vikings won 34-0 and I got to see both Alex and Aric play in the season opener!
We ended the evening by heading back to East Lyme to Illiano's one of our favorite pizza places...good thing they are open late... as by the time the guys got there it was 11pm... we had ordered pizza for everyone and had some good laughs listening to their stories.
My feet were so wet... I actually left a puddle on the floor under the table!!!
It was a great start tot the season... sorry no pictures though.... my camera stayed home where it was nice and dry!!
This morning, Alex and Aric are off to watch game film at 9am, followed by weightlifting at 10am, Dave, Jake and David are at the youth field for Jake's practice.. Ben is ticked off again that he didn't get to go, but Dave told him that because his behavior was so bad lastnight that he had to miss practice this morning.... he went back to bed... which he needed to do anyway!!
Ryan just left for practice with the team he helps coach... I am off to tackle "MOUNT LAUNDRY" I may need climbing gear to find my washing machine.... ugh...
Jake's game is tomorrow afternoon... so hopefully the weather will be better for it and I can get some pictures.
Have a good weekend!!!