Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hi All,
Just trying to come up for air after vacation and it seems lke every time I try, someone pushes me back under!!!

Got the Christmas stuff all put away on Sunday... I don't know why, but after Christmas it all just looks like clutter and it was driving me nuts! Besides it all needed to be dusted and I just didn't have the energy to dust it all! My angel on top of my tree had dust webs on her!!! Done... back in the box until next year!!!! It felt so good to get it all put away, the needles vacuumed up for the most part... I will be finding them until April I swear.

Monday the kids went back after having a 90 minute delay.... ok... not ideal but I will take what I can get. After having them home for 12 days I can wait another 90 minutes, right??

Yesterday the sun was shining and everyone was out the door to their appropriate destinations on time! What a treat! I enjoyed the quiet for awhile, got some laundry done, ran a few errands with no kids... came home and spent some time out in the barn with the ponies cleaning up etc... I am totally enjoying having them here... I love the way they smell, I love the way the fresh hay makes the barn smell, I love their soft noses and how when you walk up to them they put them up expecting a kiss.. I love how they follow me around while I am working outside and most of all I love to see Caroline's face light up when she comes home and they are waiting for her, I love seeing how gentle and patient they are with her.

This morning.... it iced overnight... typical New England weather.... snow... followed by sleet... followed by freezing rain.... followed by plain old rain.... followed by more snow.... you get the picture, right?? Well... guess what??? NO SCHOOL!!! Are You Kidding me??? Ok... a 90 minute delay might have been a good idea so that they could have gotten the roads sanded, but right now at 8:45 in the morning it is just raining!!! It is supposed to rain all day... they haven't been back 2 whole days and now this????


Anyway..... here are a couple of pony pictures to share and one of my insane cats who were protesting the removal of the Christmas tree on Sunday... every time I got close to them the swatted at me. They are cute though, aren't they??

Have a good day today and pray for better weather tomorrow!!!



J said...

Hi Vicki - love, love, love the photos of Caroline and the ponies. The pure joy in her smile warms my heart. She is such a beautiful girl. Also love the Christmas Eve cookie making photos - you guys keep me lifted! Happy New Year.