Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Quick update...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for all the e-mails and well wishes for David. He is doing well, the surgery was yesterday.. we are writing from the playroom at Shriners right now... David is playing on one computer and I am updating on the other.

they did 4 z-plasty's.. I haven't seen it yet as his leg is wrapped up for the next week while it heals, but things look good. We may possibly be leaving this afternoon after his last round of IV antibiotics. He looks great and is not in much pain.

I will post again when we get home and also upload some pictures...

Thanks again for all your prayers... I am reading about all this GH Bill stuff on my e-mail WOW guys.... Great work in protecting our kids right to GH!!!!

Love to all of you!!

~Vicki & David :-)