Friday, April 4, 2008

Pop Top Tabs...

David has been a patient at Shriners Hospital in Boston for the past 4 years. Caroline is a patient at Shriners Hospital in Springfield where her scoliosis is followed.
When David was in Boston after his last surgery, I asked our patient care specialist what we could do as a family to Give Back to Shriners for all the wonderful care they have given us. She explained that the Shriners collect the little aluminum tabs from soda cans and cash them in for money that is used to make purchases for the hospital. It is an easy thing to do and raises lots of money for the hospital.

We came home and I was telling Dave about it. Jake was listening and had the idea of organizing a drive at school to get the whole school to collect tabs. He approached his teacher, got his friends involved in making posters and a flyer that went out to everyone in the school. Each of the classrooms has a collection can and in the first week they have already collected an impressive amount.
I told my Mother-in-law about it and she contacted Shriners on her own and got the information to begin collecting. She made up cans with David's story on them and both her and my Father-in-law are collecting them at their churches (they are both Pastors) and around the community.

I am really excited to see my family so energized to do this... I am proud of Jake for thinking big enough to get the whole school involved and thrilled that my in-laws want to help too!

If anyone out there wants to join us... you can mail them to us and we will add them to our collection. Our plan is to have a huge delivery of them when we go back for Davids follow-up in June.


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