Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Surprises...

What is that coming up our driveway on Christmas Morning?

Are THOSE Santa's Elves making a Delivery??? What on Earth is in that Trailer??

Santa's Elves brought Caroline her very own Ponies?!?!??!?

Caroline with Bear

Caroline with Frosty

David with Santa's Elves!

Ben with Frosty

Ok... Now the Story behind this Christmas gift!

About 8 months ago I put our application in to a program Called Personal Ponies. They are an organization who provides ponies to kids with Special Needs as companions. You can check out their website here...

We got a phone call a week and a half ago that these to were available and would we want them in time fro Christmas!?!? After trying to figure out the logistics of getting ready for them the week before Christmas, we decided to go for it! We workd non stop for over a week, building a stall in our barn, putting up electric fencing in a foot of snow, etc... to make it happen.

The woman who runs the program here in CT and her husband and 2 daughters packed the ponies up bright and early this morning and headed our direction. The ponies were all decked out with Christmas bows and Bells and the girls were dressed as elves! Sooo sweet! Caroline had abolutely no idea what was going on and was completely blown away when she realized what was happening. She didn't know that we had built a stall or put up the fencing... she was completely surprised!

Stay tuned for more pictures... I hope you all are having a Merry Christmas...




Anonymous said...

What an amazing Christmas! I think every little girl wants a pony for Christmas!! And you got two! One of these days when we have our dream house with land I would love to do this for Ethan. We tried to figure out some way for us to keep a pony where Ethan rides but it's almost an hour away and too far for us to go more often than once a week right now.
Enjoy those ponies!! How exciting!!
Amy Starkweather

Angie Seaman said...


This is the coolest post ever! What an awesome Christmas for Caroline, those boys, and even those sweet ponies. That program sounds so amazing. It's a truly awesome idea. Kudo's to you for working non stop over the past week, during the busiest week of the year as it is, to pull this off and get your property ready for these beautiful animals. Caroline will never forget this. Neither will your boys.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Merry Christmas you guys!

Big hugs, Angie