Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quick Update...

Hi Everyone...
Sorry I have been MIA this week. I've been busy decorting, shopping and trying to survive some OCD issues (With Ben and David) that seem to crop up every year about this time!

We seem to have a bad case of the "Gimmies" here with Ben and David making their Christmas Lists... each is trying to out do the other and one gets mad if the other puts the same thing on their list.. it's exhausting.. really. Lastnight I finally told them to either put the lists away or I was writing to Santa to let him know about how they had been acting!
Well.... this put Caroline into tears and she wasn't even involved!!! She is worried that Santa might actually skip our house all together if the boys don't start behaving!!!

************!!!!PROZAC... TAKE ME AWAY!!!!**********

Anyway... I am off to the mall (for a gift for Hollister Boy) and to meet my sister for lunch.... I'm looking forward to a little sanity time... minus the trip to Hollister with the blairing music and the gobs of purfume!!! I may just run in... grab the first hoodie sweatshirt in a Large I can find.... throw some money at the counter and run out!!!!!

Stay tuned for some photos of my decorating efforts this week!! I love my decorations and my house looks so pretty right now!

Have a good day!!