Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Still Here....

just MIA this week! It has been a busy week. Dave is in Atlanta GA (where it is warm and sunny) for work this week... In a nice hotel... with a state of the art gym and pool.... and I am here... in CT.... where it can be 60 degrees one day... and 30 and snowing the next... it is cold, and muddy, and dreary... here. I am so ready for spring.

I have been busy being a single parent this week.... UGH.... I don't know how single parents do it... I am exhausted trying to keep up! I have also had a part time job of fighting for Growth Hormone for the kids this week... just to add to the fun! This happens once or twice a year or so... I have to do battle between the pharmacy, the Drs. office, and the insurance companies... it's crazy... and it really frosts my butt when my kids have to sufer because other people aren't doing their job. David, Ben and Caroline have been without GH since Friday because a certain person can't get it right. After many phone calls today that ended up with me on the phone with the Dr. on his cell phone non-the-less.... and him giving me his cell phone # to call him if this isn't taken cae of tomorrow... I think I might finally be able to pick up the Growth Hormone that has been sitting at the pharmacy for almost 2 weeks now!

Aside from that... I have been busy filling out College Scholarship forms for Alex... hoping for every penny we can get towards tuition!

So blog family.... that's it in a nutshell!

Oh one more thing.... check out the new button in my sidebar....

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Have a good night everyone!!!!!