Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playing "Catch Up!!"

Hi All!

I'm not really sure where the summer has gone, but I already feel like it is slipping away faster than I can possibly enjoy it!

The Knopf Family has been on the go this summer... we had Dave's parents here back in June for the big GRADUATION WEEK.... Alex Graduated from High School: As seemed to be the case every single time we had something to do outside this spring/summer... it rained. So the pictures are not great... I was trying to keep the camera dry but still get a few shots..
Alex right after getting his diploma!

Alex and his girlfriend Kourtney

Alex with his Grandparents!
David graduated from Middle school the next day: Again... the pictures aren't great...but here are a few

Then on Saturday we had a big family party to celebrate both graduations.. I got a few pictures in before... well... it ummm.... RAINED again. When I tell you it rained... I mean down poured! It went from being a nice sunny afternoon to a monsoon in the matter of a couple of hours!! But we made the best of it anyway...

Here are some of the guys playing a game of horseshoes...Dave spent the week putting the pits in!

Dave's Dad and Uncle with David

That next Monday we went to Alex's college orientation for the day... I can't believe in a few short weeks he is going off to college!! I am going to miss him so much! It is exciting to be getting him ready to go, and the nice thing is that school is only about an hour away so I am sure we will see him often.

So... that was the month of June in a nutshell! I am working on a slide show of our summer vacation at the beach with Ben's birth family... There are too many pictures to share here, but I promise not to leave you hanging for a month before I get it on here. Here are a few "preview" pictures to get you by until I get them all organized:

Other than that, David started at his new school in July, they have a summer program, so its been nice that he has been able to get to know the teachers and some of the kids this summer. He leaves for camp for 2 whole weeks on Sunday, so I have to get him packed and ready to go.

Oh.. and the first night of football was last night...another season is officially underway!!!

Stay tuned for the vacation slide show... I promise to get it done by Friday!!!

Have a good week!